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Whey TITANS zero, is a high-quality whey protein particularly rich in amino acids, is absorbed quickly and used efficiently by your body.

Whey Titans zero contains only high quality, all-natural ingredients, that are highly bioavailable. It is separated from milk, during the cheese making process using a combination of Cross-flow ultra-filtration and micro filtration techniques. These filtration techniques remove most of the unwanted ingredients such as fat, cholesterol, lactose etc., but leaves amino acids intact. So, Whey Titans is a “complete protein” source, because it contains all 9 essential(that your body cannot make, but are supposed to come from food) amino acids .

Whey Titans zero contains 21 g of pure whey protein per scoop(=30g), 5g of BCAAs which are crucial for muscle growth, zero sucrose(sugar), zero preservatives, zero Gluten, zero Cholesterol and is 100% doping free. Moreover, it comes in 5 delicious flavors that will make protein shakes your favorite snack.