Real Amino 200gr GoldTouch Nutrition

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Real amino is a highly advanced amino peptide formulation derived from milk whey, concentrated to 80% protein.  Whey Protein has an excellent amino acid profile, thus Real Amino contains a lot of BCAAs and at least 14% more leucine compared to similar products. Hydrolysis of milk whey, results in a product with a high content of di-peptides and tri-peptides. These molecules are so small that better absorption and quicker delivery, of the amino acids to the muscles are guaranteed.

Efficient delivery of amino acids directly to the muscle is of particular importance during and directly after intense physical activity as the requirement of the muscle is highest during those times. So, with real Amino you’ll efficiently promote protein synthesis (anabolism) to the muscle, which ultimately will help to protect your muscles from catabolism and will reduce muscle damage.

Moreover, Real Amino is virtually lactose- and fat-free and is instantly and completely soluble, even in cold water.